Client Testimonial

CHI's Brilliant Diet Courses

"The CHI diet courses I did was the best thing I ever did. It gave me all the tools I needed to battle my weight issues ( including type 2 diabetes). I am now well on the way to my goals. thanks CHI for all your support."

Jennifer W

Client Testimonial

Louise is a Great Teacher

"I studied nutrition with Louise for two years. She taught us all so much more than was on the normal NM course, I am so glad I did it with her. Great teacher!"

Toni M

Client Testimonial

Thanks So Much For the Great Support

" Great online training, great courses. I have done a few of the CHI online courses and the wealth of information is unbelieveable. If you are interested in health and wellbeing, these are the courses for you. "

Jessie R

Client Testimonial

Great Online Nutrition Courses

"I am a young stay at home mum. I really wanted to learn about nutrition for my kids sake but finding the time  was the big issue. I did  two online courses with Louise and I cant recommend them more highly. The best part was I could do it when I had the time to. "

Jenny S

Client Testimonial

Louise’s Passion and Enthusiasm for Herbal Medicine is a Blessing

" Louise’s passion and enthusiasm for herbal medicine is a blessing. Her teaching skills and the time that she gives to her students are unique. This unit opened up a whole new world for me in regards to herbs and their medicinal properties. It contained very hard content, however Louise’s skills as a teacher and once again her love and understanding of herbs has helped to make this unit a great experience for me. It has given me a passion for something which I always had, but now even more so. I feel that I have been given good solid grounding to begin my herbal journey. And I do thank Louise for this."

Kim S

Client Testimonial

Fun & Humour Are Her Special Ingredients in Her Lectures

"Louise’s passion and enthusiasm for herbs and health bring her classes to life. I believe that fun and humour are her special ingredients in her lectures. They are interesting, educational and entertaining".

Jody V.



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