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Welcome to CHI, an innovative online training platform for short courses about all aspects of Health, Herbs and Holistic Living.

If you want fresh knowledge about empowered living you’re in the right place. With the help of our courses you can acquire the wisdom to honour yourself and to encourage a self-governing state of joy, vitality, great health and wellbeing.

But it doesn’t stop there.


CHI’s growing resources of online courses makes learning fun and super easy. Better still, you can boost your wisdom at affordable prices.

We believe that knowledge is best served fresh and available to everyone, so that everyone has a chance to benefit from these powerful resources. And to get you started on your health journey (err… to sweeten the deal) we offer a range of free courses too.


Learning should be simple (+ fun). That’s why you can access each course from the comfort of your home. We know you’re busy, that’s why you can move through the lectures at your own pace. So take your time.

What students love the most about the CHI online study platform is that there are no tests or exams. At the completion of each course you will receive a certificate of completion from the CHI Institute.


I-accept-Bitcoin2Online learning comes with bulk benefits, such as:


  • EASE… learn in your own time and pace.
  • COMFORT… study at home.
  • CONTROL… you’re the boss, pick your study hours.
  • AFFORDABILITY… No need for timely and costly work commutes.
  • MORE FREEDOM… because you don’t require travel.
  • ADDITIONAL SKILLS… say hello to self empowerment and new possibilities.

How to enrol in a CHI course?

1. Press any of the course images to read more about that course.

2. Select a course to take, complete payment and we’ll give you immediate access to that course.

3. Proceed through the course in your own time (we give you all the time you need).

When you study with the CHI Online Institute you are taking a giant step forward into governing your own life. Take responsibility for your body, health, mind and spirit, for you and your family… and feel empowered about the life choices you make.


We aim to make these online courses educational, easy and enjoyable.


laws-of-attractionI have just spent five days listening to Abraham, via Ester Hicks on a cruise though Alaska, hence the pics below.

I asked my Hubby what his summination was from the week and he believes that “We are best thinking nothing and to stroke the cat.” Some great advice, though we do not all have a cat and to stop thinking, now that is quite a feat.

I believe if I have to summarise what I learnt it would be to learn to go general. If we are thinking thoughts and feeling not so good, then the advice would be to think general thought. These thoughts can be things like, “Ït is all going to fine, I do not have to get everything done, there is no end, I am healthy, I have a wonderful family, there is plenty for all and I do not have to get anything done.”

This then stops us focusing on specific details and as we focus of specifics we start to create these specifics. This is what the Law of Attraction is about.

What ever thought we have we bring into our lives. This makes tools like gratitude and meditation very powerful tools, especially if we practice them on a daily basis.

Patting our cat, or dog can be likened to a meditiation, The cat is quite happy, it does not complicate its life, it keeps life simple, wanting the best food and the best spot to sit. There is not need for drama, or making life complicated and maybe if we sit and pat the cat we might tune into this way of being.

A great question was asked to Abraham about pets. Some one asked whether pets like healing from us. The answer was ‘No, it annoys them. Animals are at a more evolved vibration and state of being, there is no healing that we can offer that meets their vibration. “

They still love to receive love from us.

We can use tactics with law of attraction as to write in our journals all the things we are thankful for. I started my 30 day gratitude diary and it is amazing what can happen. This morning I was telling myself, all is well and I am abundant. Then when I went into the shop I got a letter from the local shire saying I did not have to pay the $500 I sent them and they were returning it to me.  What an excellent job I did creating that.

Law of Attraction also states that we create our own lives and even illnesses. This might not resonate with some, though if we are aware we create illness, we can also create wellness.  The choice is ours and the art to receiving good things and wellbeing into our lives is to being open to letting it in and most importantly to be the vibration of wellbeing.

It is all very well saying you want abundance, though when it is said from a space of lack then this is not holding the vibration of abundance.  Look for abundance in your life, be it a healthy family, happy children, your job, loving thoughts or sharing with others. Then are abundant thoughts.

The Law of Attraction moves us towards what it is that we are wanting and to move away from what we do not want. Chill out and just have fun, are words spoken by Abraham many times over. Life is what we make it and we can do, be and have anything our hearts desire. Just be open to lving in that vibration of what you want to do and be and let it in.  If you want to find out more then search Ester and Abraham are known for their appearance in the first recorded The Secret DVD and by the Book, Ask and it is Given.


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