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Welcome to CHI, an innovative online training platform for short courses about all aspects of Health, Herbs and Holistic Living.

If you want fresh knowledge about empowered living you’re in the right place. With the help of our courses you can acquire the wisdom to honour yourself and to encourage a self-governing state of joy, vitality, great health and wellbeing.

But it doesn’t stop there.


CHI’s growing resources of online courses makes learning fun and super easy. Better still, you can boost your wisdom at affordable prices.

We believe that knowledge is best served fresh and available to everyone, so that everyone has a chance to benefit from these powerful resources. And to get you started on your health journey (err… to sweeten the deal) we offer a range of free courses too.


Learning should be simple (+ fun). That’s why you can access each course from the comfort of your home. We know you’re busy, that’s why you can move through the lectures at your own pace. So take your time.

What students love the most about the CHI online study platform is that there are no tests or exams. At the completion of each course you will receive a certificate of completion from the CHI Institute.


I-accept-Bitcoin2Online learning comes with bulk benefits, such as:


  • EASE… learn in your own time and pace.
  • COMFORT… study at home.
  • CONTROL… you’re the boss, pick your study hours.
  • AFFORDABILITY… No need for timely and costly work commutes.
  • MORE FREEDOM… because you don’t require travel.
  • ADDITIONAL SKILLS… say hello to self empowerment and new possibilities.

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When you study with the CHI Online Institute you are taking a giant step forward into governing your own life. Take responsibility for your body, health, mind and spirit, for you and your family… and feel empowered about the life choices you make.


We aim to make these online courses educational, easy and enjoyable.


The-Helicobacter-MonkeyI have been asked to write about Helicobacter so I have put this together for you to contemplate. So here are my findings.

The world population rate for helicobacter is about 15%, it is interesting that the world population rate for iron deficiency is about 10 to 12%. Is this a co-incidence that one of the worlds most common infection also matches the most common deficiency. What is  ore interesting that people who also have helicobacter also have low magnesium, calcium and potassium levels as well.

Helicobacter was discovered when investigators where trying to find out why some people got ulcers whilst being on anti-inflammatory drugs. It turned out that these people were more likely to get ulcers when they had higher levels of helicobacter. This bug loves stomach acid and it can survive easier if we are low in stomach acid. Low zinc levels correlate to low stomach acid, so in some cases increasing zinc will decrease helicobacter. This is not the case for all though.

40% of Australians have helicobacter issues and of these 40% not all of them will develop ulcers. Why is this? It can only lead to the hypothesis that there are other factors at play here.

The symptoms of overgrowth are bloating, gas, diarrhoea/constipation, migraines and gastro-intestinal reflux. It has been found in saliva and sexually transmitted fluids. It also robs us of Vit B12 and other nutrients.

People report having this problem and it re-occurring. The common treatment is the use of antibiotics, with stronger ones used each time. These will not solve the problem.

Be mindful that high stomach acid very often is mis-diagnosed. It is more commonly low stomach acid and not high, the symptoms are often the same. You can take a simple apple cider vinegar test to see if you are low or high. Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a little water. If your stomach calms down after taking it you have low stomach acid and need to look as to why.  Candida does seem to come hand in hand with Helicobacter. Lack of bowel flora and low stomach acid is also tied in with this condition.

Getting rid of the Monkey

So what can we do to reduce our levels of Helicobacter. Previous studies have shown that green tea, a clove or two of garlic daily, apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice can inhibit infections in the stomach lining, now extra virgin olive oil is showing promising antibacterial effects against the 8 strains of Helicobacter, including the antibiotic resistant strains.

Other remedies that have worked for others are changing the diet. Eliminating all sugars, refined flours and rice. No alcohol and fizzy drinks, only water. Stay away from red meats, milk products and all processed foods. This makes a lot of sense to me.

Then you could take 1 tsp of licorice powder twice a day to help repair and heal the stomach linings. Take the first one in the morning 1 hour before eating and then the next dose just before bed. (the licorice will not be recommended if you have hypertension.)

To kill off the little monkeys take 3 to 7 black pepper corns, crush them and then eat them after meals. Boil 1 litre of water and add 100g of crushed organic chillies and 200g of preferably fresh cranberries. Let it sit for 5 mins and then drink. Take half a glass morning and night and then increase intake over time. Once you have followed this protocol, the look to re-inoculate the digestive system with probiotics, ensuring you have a good source.

Other remedies people say help is the use of 3 tsp of Virgin coconut oil. People report when using the oil that the taking of it must be consistent. It is not effective if taken one day and then not for another week. It must be 2 to 3 tsp daily. It will surely be good for your skin.

Other avenues worth exploring are kefir, turmeric and grapeseed extract.


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