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cornsilkName - Cornsilk
Botanical Name - Zea mays
Family - Poaceae or Graminace
Other Names - Mothers hair, Indian corn, maize jagnog, Turkish corn, yu mi xu, stigmata maydi, sweet corn and maize.
Parts Used - Cornsilk is the collection of the stigmas from the female flowers of the unripe corn or maize. The stigmas measure 4-8 inches and are collected for medicinal use before the plant is pollinated.


The poultice was used for swellings, ulcers and rheumatic pains. The herb was used for nausea and vomiting. The Peruvians use it as a narcotic possibly due to its alkaloid content.


A robust annual growing 2m or more. Stout stem with broad leaves and terminal plume inflorescence of male spikelets and several large lateral bud like inflorescences of female spikelets overlapped with leafy bracts.

Active Constituents

Flavonoids maysin, cholorgenic acid, Volatile oils including terpineol, menthol and thymol. Alkaloids, phytosterols instigmasterol and sitosterol. Also Saponins, mucilage, allantoin, PABA and tannins. Vitamins C and K and Potassium.




Cornsilk has detoxifying properties. It is also known for its relaxing abilities and its diuretic action.
It is  commonly used to treat any infections of the genitor-urinary system, being most indicated for dysuria, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis and nocturnal enuresis. It is a BHP specific for acute or chronic inflammation of the urinary tract.
Diuresis has been clinically proven with cornsilk, though it is a diuretic that will not eliminate potassium.

It will help with frequent urination, painful urination and blood in the urine. It is a herb indicated for bed wetting problems and reducing and soothing problems associated with kidney stones.

Other uses for it are to help gently reduce odema and the painful swelling from gout and from carpel tunnel syndrome.

Cornsilk has been shown to be useful in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. This could be because of its ability to flush toxins out of the body and in the process cleanse the body.

It is worth considering for using in any prostrate disorders.

Cornsilk is high in Vitamin K which made it useful in controlling bleeding during childbirth. Other not so well know uses were for heart problems, jaundice, malaria and obesity.
Cornsilk is used all around the world, being know to have been used in USA, China, Eurpoe, Haiti, Turkey and Trinidad.
It is also an ingredient if some cosmetic face powders.  

Studies have shown that using cornsilk will help with reducing both blood clotting time and high blood pressure. New studies have also found it beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels.

It is used in china as a choleretic for hepato-biliary disease and oedema.

Cornsilk can be applied topically to help heal wounds, it contain allantoin, the same compound that is found in comfrey. This makes it valuable for all wounds and especially skin ulcers.


Decoction: use 2-8g tds  Tincture:(1:5 (25%) take 5 - 15 ml of the tincture three times a day. Fluid Extract: (25%) 4 – 8ml three times daily.


Cornsilk is safe when taken in proper doses. There are no other know cautions or contra-indications for cornsilk.


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