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Welcome to CHI, an innovative online training platform for short courses about all aspects of Health, Herbs and Holistic Living.

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Pau-DarcoFamily – Bignoniaceae
Other Names – Lapacho, taheebo, ipe roxo.

The Incas, the Callawaya in Brazil and other tribes valued Pau’darco as a cure all. Pau D’arco is the Portuguese name for this valuable tree. It has been used in South America for many, many years.  It was thought to have originated in low-lying areas in Paraquay and Brazil.

Parts Used
The Bark, specifically the inner lining of the bark is used medicinally.

Pau d’arco is fond in the rain forests and mountains of Paraquay, Argentina and Brazil. It can also be found growing high up in the Andes. It is not normally cultivated, as sufficient inner bark is collected in the wild, throughout the year. Sourcing seed for this plant would not be easy and it would grow better in Queensland, though there is talk of the trees growing in selected parts of the USA.

Napthaquinones (lapachol), Anthraquinones, Coumarins, Flavonoids (Quercitin and xloidone), Iridoids, Carnosol

•    Antibacterial
•    Antifungal
•    Immune-stimulant
•    Anti-inflammatory
•    Cleansing
•    Tonic
•    Anti-tumour
•    Antioxidant
•    Analgesic
•    Antimicrobial

 Pau D’arco holds great promise in the treatment of cancers, leukaemia and Candida, hence it is indicated debilitating and chronic infections and infestations.
It can be applied externally and internally for the treatment of fevers, infections, colds, flu, syphilis, cancer, respiratory problems, skin ulcerations, boils, dysentery, gastrointestinal problems of all kinds, debilitating conditions such as arthritis, prostatitis and impaired circulation. Other conditions that have reportedly cured with Pau d’arco include lupus, diabetes, Hodgkin’s disease, osteomyelitis, Parkinson’s disease and psoriasis.
It has been used to relieve pain, kill germs, increase the flow of urine and even act as an antidote to poisons.
The napthaquinones in Pau’Darco have been shown by research to have significant anti-fungal activity against Candida albicans. Regular use of it also will help to maintain regularity of the bowels, again due to the napthaquinones.
Pau’Darco is known to increase oxidative phosphorylation.  
The ointment is beneficial for wounds.

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