Organic Backyard Gardening

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The best food we will ever eat is the food we grow in our own gardens, that we pick fresh and that we eat.

How can we do this?

This is the course that will guide us to achieve this. It will teach us all about the what, when and whys to our little organic gardens. It will explore the ideas of composting, worm farming, seed collecting and what choices of plants to grow and at what times of the year. This course is best attended on campus, though those of you online will still reap the benefits from the seeds that you will sow.

After doing this course you will
•    Feel motivated to start growing your own food
•    Know what foods to choose and why
•    Learn how easy it is
•    See how simple changes can made a dramatic change
•    Know where your food is coming from
•    Learn about the hazards to eating bought food
•    Give your family the best you can
•    Create family bonding activities that are good for you and your family



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